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International NewYorkCoin (NYC) Merchant Brochures

You will find a link below to the primary media resources that are currently being used by the NewYorkCoin community. Included in the material is a total of 29 downloads, featuring the updated NYCoin logo.

Who Can Use This Media Kit?

The goal of the NYCoin media kit is to standardize the graphics being used by the community. Since its creation, NewYorkCoin has always been a cryptocurrency which has focused on the welfare of the community first.

For members of the media, the graphics can be used in print and media within content that features NYC, including where it is accepted, where community meetups occur, or in reviews of the currency.

For businesses who accept NewYorkCoin as part of the point-of-sale experience, there are included graphics which will help to promote this fact to the community. You will find coordinating materials available to help your business be able to share information about the safety of this cryptocurrency and its benefits for an added value experience to your customers as well.

For community members who are helping to spread awareness of NYCoin, these items are intended to help your work flow with the work of everyone else, creating a centralized brand message which encourages interested parties to explore this exciting cryptocurrency on a deeper level.

Included are brochures, logos, and buttons. The file download is a single .zip file for convenience. Please make sure that you have software available to decompress the file.


What If I Have Problems with the Download?

Your security settings may prevent the download from taking place. Please review the settings on your firewall or virus prevention tools to ensure the file can be safely downloaded to your computer or device.

If you have any further questions regarding NewYorkCoin or this media kit, please feel free to ask a question on our NY Coin (NYC) community forum.