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NY Coin Stores: Our Story

NY Coin Stores is designed to be your one-stop destination for finding new resources, adventures, and favorite spots in New York City and around the world. Cryptocurrency is often treated as an investment vehicle or profit-generation option in today’s media, but it is more than this.

Founded in 2018, our goal is to support the awareness and growth of NewYorkCoin as a viable alternative to other cryptocurrencies.

What is cryptocurrency? Ask anyone within our community and you’ll get a unique answer, which is why we love NY Coin with such passion. For us, it is a new way, a better way, to conduct transactions with one another.

Even when conducting a point-of-sale transaction, the anonymous nature of the crypto world means there are fewer chances for your data to be stolen. It is just as easy to shop with NY Coin as it is to use cash at your favorite stores.

Instead of jumping onto the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin bandwagons like so many, smart investors are looking at the future potential of what NY Coin can provide as a cryptocurrency. Here’s why: instead of dealing with slow transaction times, huge transaction fees, and massive valuation, NY Coin provides an experience that is similar to Bitcoin without all those troubles.

That’s right. NY Coin transactions are 20 times faster than Bitcoin. They’re 5 times faster than Litecoin. It was launched fairly, offers a similar structure as Bitcoin, and is affordable for the average person to see if the world of cryptocurrency is right for them.

Here’s how our site works.

Businesses talk to us about reserving a free listing. This is an indication that they will accept NY Coin as a transaction option when you visit them, even at their physical location. We require verification of this status before the listing will be published. We also verify this status periodically, throughout the year, to ensure the accuracy of our directory.

Consumers visit NY Coin Stores to determine which businesses will accept this exciting new cryptocurrency near their location. Our listings extend through the boroughs, the state, and even the region for your convenience. That way, you can plan out your day if you want to enjoy the convenience of using NY Coin as your currency of choice.

In early 2018, NY Coin reached volume and valuation records. It continues to be supported by many NYC businesses as an alternative to government-backed currencies. If you’re ready to explore the world of cryptocurrency some more, then we invite you to visit the businesses that have joined with us to promote NY Coin.