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Our water is harvested deep inside the spring cavern of our historic natural spring which is fed by the Floridian Aquifer. Our spring is verified by the State of Florida Agriculture Department and recognized by the St. Johns River Water Management District as a third magnitude spring.

Our certificates:

CC Hemp Compliant Letter

CDA Hemp Approval Letter

Certified Organic



We first process the spring water via aeriation filters to neutralize any natural odors that are sometimes present in Florida springs. We then disinfect the water for any microbes that may be present, then we carbon filtrate and use micron filters to reduce particles in the water. We then use UV light for final disinfection of the spring water and lastly we inject ozone to provide stabilization and shelf life for the spring water.

We bottle our spring water from the natural source on site and are honored to be distributing water from the heart of old natural Florida. Our bottling plant is situated next to the historic natural spring located in Orange Springs, in northeast Marion County, Florida.


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